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Unmarried Couples Archives

Many single mothers do not receive child support

The number of single mothers with minor children in the U.S. in 2011 was 10 million. With 84.1 percent of single parent households headed by women in 2012, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, there seem to be a number of people in the U.S. having children without getting married. When a relationship ends, it can lead to a major argument over child custody and child support. But in some cases, it may lead to neither, as one in three children are being raised without a father.

Man's lottery win has many talking about child support

Child support is a topic that affects married and unmarried couples alike. In New Jersey, the subject of unpaid child support has been renewed because of a man who recently won the Powerball jackpot. According to reports, the man won $338 million but has not paid the child support that was due to the mother of his children for some time. At one point, police had put a warrant out for his arrest due to the amount of delinquent support he owed: $29,000.

Domestic violence data shows declines, but are they valid?

A new report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics considers domestic violence amongst married and unmarried couples. Domestic violence is one of the scariest parts of family law, especially since it can be exacerbated by a victim's decisions related to a divorce. Many women and men attempting to free themselves from their abusers find that the behavior of the abusing party drastically changes when the victim attempts to escape the relationship.

Divorce causes some to create new way of parenting

Divorce is a topic that many people in the U.S. find themselves focusing on, both in the media and in their personal lives. A societal focus on divorce has led some people to become parents without tying the knot, even though some experts believe that the social pressures associated with marriage increase the likelihood for a parent to stick around.

Bristol Palin's reality show disgusts her son's father

Nearly every family runs into issues. Unmarried parents in New Jersey often disagree on how their child should be raised while one of them possesses full custody and the other possesses only visitation rights. If the noncustodial parent wants the current child custody status to change, she or he may have to sue in court.

Cohabitation still illegal in five states

More and more couples across the country are living together before deciding to marry. In the past, this was seen in a negative light but now, many believe that cohabitation is an acceptable, and possibly intelligent, move before tying the knot. Despite the fact that this is generally an accepted practice, some states (not New Jersey) still have laws in place that make it illegal.

What is preglimony? The new term in unplanned pregnancies

If a professor of law at the University of Richmond has her way, males in unmarried couples may be legally required to financially support females that they impregnate. The concept is called "preglimony," a term invented by the female professor. Its effects on family law in New Jersey and beyond could be substantial.