Landlord/Tenant Disputes

You are a landlord with one tenant who is habitually late paying the rent and another who hasn't paid rent at all for months. What do you do?

You are a tenant who pays your rent regularly, yet received an eviction notice in violation of your lease. Do you have to move?

You represent an out-of-state business that needs to negotiate a commercial lease for a new location in Kearny. What do you need to know about New Jersey real estate law?

The law firm of McCurrie McCurrie & McCurrie can answer all of these questions and more. We have represented both landlords and tenants in commercial and residential real estate matters for more than 45 years.

Please contact a New Jersey tenant landlord law attorney at our firm today for effective legal representation in all landlord/tenant issues, including:

  • Commercial leases (negotiation, drafting, and review)
  • Residential leases (negotiation, drafting, and review)
  • Landlord/tenant disputes
  • Breach of lease
  • Eviction actions
  • Wrongful evictions
  • Violation of tenant rights
  • Holdover and non-payment of rent
  • Damage to unit
  • Security deposit issues
  • Tenant rights

If you are a landlord or tenant in New Jersey, you can rely on our skills and decades of experience to protect your rights and achieve your best interests. We will work to resolve your legal matter expediently and cost effectively.

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