Why Is A Will So Important?

This may be the question you ask yourself when someone mentions to you that you need one. It doesn't matter whether you are young or old, rich or not, you need a will. Why? Because it allows you to retain control over what happens to the assets you own and the people you love when you pass away.

If you fail to have a valid will at the time of your death, the state of New Jersey decides what happens to your property. The state also decides who will serve as your personal representative. If you have children under the age of 18, the state will decide who will be their guardian. If you don't want the state making these choices for you, then you need a last will and testament.

A Will Serves As The Cornerstone Of Your Estate Plan

A will may not be the only document in your estate plan, but it serves as its foundation. In this document, you let your loved ones and the state know that you want your property distributed in a particular manner upon your death. In addition, you retain the right to appoint someone you trust to serve as executor and complete the tasks necessary to close your estate.

If you have minor children, you can name the person you wish to be their guardian if you and your spouse should both die before they are adults. If you fail to make your preference known, this crucial decision falls to a judge who doesn't know your family as you do.

Making Sure Your Will Complies With The Law

Creating a will requires more than just putting pen to paper. It must meet certain legal requirements in order to ensure its validity. In addition, you need to update your will if you gain additional assets or children. Our lawyers can ensure that your intentions are legally and clearly expressed.

Scheduling A Free Initial Consultation

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