Child Custody, Visitation & Support

Jersey City Child Custody Lawyers

Children have the right to have the emotional and financial support of both parents, regardless of whether their parents are no longer married to each other or were never married to each other. At McCurrie McCurrie & McCurrie, we have helped clients in New Jersey establish, modify and enforce fair child custody, visitation and child support agreements for more than 45 years.

If you have a child custody concern, please contact a Kearny child custody attorney at McCurrie McCurrie & McCurrie for sound legal advice. We will explain your legal options and create a plan that works best for you.

Protecting the Best Interests of the Child

New Jersey law presumes the best interest of the child is served when parents share joint legal custody, which means both parents are involved in important decisions regarding the child's life, such as medical care, education and religious training.

Legal custody differs from physical custody, which refers to where the child lives most of the time. If one parent has primary legal custody, the other typically is granted secondary physical custody, also called visitation rights or non-custodial parental rights.

If you believe your child's other parent should not share any legal or physical custody of the child, we can petition the court to award you sole custody. Sole custody is sometimes sought when the other parent has a severe drug or alcohol problem or has been convicted of domestic violence or child abuse.

Unmarried Couples and the Enforcement of Court Orders

Are you an unmarried parent with custody issues, or the other parent is refusing to pay court ordered child support? Our Kearny child support lawyers provide assistance in the enforcement of your child support orders. We will explain various alternatives including the garnishment of wages.

Modification of Parenting Plans, Visitation Schedules and Other Court Orders

The law takes into consideration that people's lives are not static. The loss of a job, a move to a new location or a remarriage are just some of the "substantial changes in circumstance" that may require the modification of your court ordered child support, visitation or custody.

When children are involved, it's important to get it right. Please contact a Kearny child custody attorney at McCurrie McCurrie & McCurrie to discuss your legal concerns.

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