Experience Matters During Probate And Estate Administration

If you have been named the executor or administrator of a family member's estate, you may not know what you are required by law to do. This is not a small job, and it is very easy to become overwhelmed, especially if you have never done anything like this before. You may have questions like: Where do I start? What are my responsibilities? Is probate necessary?

At McCurrie McCurrie & McCurrie, L.L.C., our lawyers can walk you through probate and estate administration so that the decedent's estate is administered and closed out properly and in a timely manner.

Where To Start And What To Do

Probate in New Jersey is a fairly straightforward process. However, in your role as executor, you still have significant responsibilities, and you could be held responsible for mistakes.

Your job as executor includes:

  • Finding and submitting the will, if there is one, to the probate court
  • Inventorying assets
  • Paying creditors who have valid claims
  • Distributing assets according to the will or court instruction
  • Filing a final income tax return for the decedent

It all sounds simple enough, but estate litigation happens. Beneficiaries or other individuals who believe they have claim to an estate may contest the will or how assets are distributed. The attorneys at McCurrie McCurrie & McCurrie, L.L.C., have experience defending executors who have found themselves battling will, trust or beneficiary contests. We are also prepared to assist beneficiaries who have concerns with how an executor is managing the estate administration process or who wish to file contests in probate court.

Is Probate A Necessary Part Of Estate Administration In Kearny And Hudson County?

Sometimes probate court cannot be avoided. It all depends on how the estate was ultimately set up. You may be able to avoid probate entirely if assets are in a trust. Assets such as life insurance benefits and IRA accounts can be distributed directly to beneficiaries.

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