New Jersey Attorney For Will Contests

When a loved one passes away, getting through the probate process can make an already difficult time in your life even worse, especially if there are concerns about the validity of the will.

At the law firm McCurrie McCurrie & McCurrie, L.L.C, in Kearney, New Jersey, our lawyers can help you navigate the process of contesting or defending a will. We represent heirs, beneficiaries and executors in all types of probate litigation.

When Can A Will Be Contested?

In New Jersey, heirs or beneficiaries may contest the validity of a will for various reasons. Some of the most common reasons to do so are:

  • If there are concerns that a caretaker or other person exerted undue influence over the person making the will
  • If the decedent lacked testamentary capacity
  • If the will was not signed in front of witnesses
  • If the will was not properly executed

The probate court can set aside the will in favor of a previous will or hold that the deceased died intestate - without a will. If the latter occurs, the court will effectively get to decide how the distribute the estate to beneficiaries.

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Contesting wills and any other form of estate litigation can be costly, emotionally draining and time-consuming. The attorneys at McCurrie McCurrie & McCurrie, L.L.C., will be able to assist you in pursuing a will contest or in defending a will against those who would challenge it. To learn more, please contact our firm for more information by calling us at 201-467-4180 or by filling out our contact form.