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Legal Flaw in Estate Planning Leads to Strange New Jersey Probate Case

Generally, most spouses trust each other enough to accept the fact that if one dies, the estate between them will go to the other. In the case of Roy Rambo, however, most would think that rule should be thrown out the window. Rambo, 59, from New Jersey, was convicted and sentenced to 40 years in prison after shooting and killing his wife in 2002.

What was once hate, hate enough to murder his wife during an argument, soon turned into sentimentality and greed. Rambo requested from a New Jersey judge that he be awarded personal items from his life with his deceased wife and also the remaining funds from his share of her estate.

The big shocker: The judge awarded Rambo his requests, ruling that he be given the wedding album and other such personal requested items and also $290,314 from his murdered wife's estate.

The dramatic twist: Though the judge ruled in favor of Rambo by awarding him his requests, the judged turned around and ordered that Rambo owed that money to his wife's (the victim's) estate. The judge ordered him to pay the $290,314 to her estate en route to paying back what he owes for wrongful death damages.

In total, Rambo owes $6 million in damages, though now he does owe a bit less thanks to his recent gift awarded to him by the judge.

Being that Rambo will remain in prison for the majority of his remaining life, the total damages owed will likely never get paid. But the attorney representing the victim's estate remains aggressive about collecting as much of the damages as he can to ensure a semblance of justice is reached in this case.

Rambo's wife was survived by a son who, according to sources, has struggled a lot during this prolonged legal process escalated by his father's appeals and requests. Hopefully, the damages that are recovered and paid to his mother's estate will provide him some solace.


Convicted killer and former dentist Roy Rambo awarded personal items he had requested

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