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October 2010 Archives

Protect Your Assets Before It's Too Late!

While it's next to impossible to protect all your assets from government-imposed estate taxes (excluding 2010, of course), it is very possible to protect a great deal of them. There are a number of tools available to you when it comes to asset protection and, with the right attorney and a comprehensive estate plan, you can use them to pass more on to your loved ones - preserving your estate into the future.

Joe Jackson is denied any Control in Late Son's Estate

When Michael Jackson passed away in June 2009 following complications with the medication he had been prescribed, the coming estate battle must have been clear to those close to him. In his will, the entertainer left almost everything to his mother, while completely leaving his father, the embattled Joe Jackson, out of line for any piece of the Jackson estate.

New Technology and the Need for Updated Estate Law

A woman has treatable cancer, but fears that the radiation treatment she will have to undergo will prevent her from ever having children in the future. She and her husband decide to seek the assistance of a reproductive technologies center in order to preserve a number of her eggs in the event that she loses the ability to bear children.

AOL Profiles Estate Planning Lessons from Hollywood

In a recent article for AOL News, Sheree Curry presented some of the more important lessons to be learned from celebrity estate plans - or a lack thereof. We've covered the ups and downs of some of these estates on the blog. Stories like Dennis Hopper's, while obviously not parallel to all experiences, highlight important points that are important to everyone.

Presidential Estate Planning: Lincoln Goes Back to Probate

Abraham Lincoln probably isn't to blame for the probate drama currently surrounding letters he once wrote to his press secretary Gideon Welles. Welles, himself, would have been hard-pressed to foresee the current debate over the letters.

Estate Planning as an Art

Arden Dale had an interesting article in The Wall Street Journal yesterday, comparing estate planning to art instead of science. It's an interesting point, in no small part, because of the increasing amount of estate planning tools that allow one to create their will from the comfort of home, without hiring an attorney.

Indecisiveness on Estate Plan Shouldn't Stop You from Setting One Up

Like any provider of professional services, estate planning attorneys are able to work most efficiently when provided with a set of hard information and an idea of how that information will fit into local and national tax law.

Smith's Case Continues to Prove the Importance of Estate Planning

The United States Supreme Court will be taking another look at the tangled web of allegations, intentions and documentation surrounding the estate of J. Howard Marshall and the estate of his one-time wife Anna Nicole Smith. If there were to be one case that proved the importance of comprehensive and coherent estate planning, this would be it.