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December 2011 Archives

Jackson estate executors get a pay raise

Celebrity estates have a way of making money, even after the celebrity has died. The enterprises that carry on after the death of such stars as Michael Jackson can make a great deal of money. That reality is another reason why experienced estate planning attorneys in New Jersey are so attentive to making sure that the wills and trusts set up on clients' names are well crafted.

Two wills spark challenge for heiress' millions

By creating wills and trusts as part of estate planning, the aim is to make sure that a person's final wishes are made clear and made good in the event of death. If the language of the tools isn't clear or if other issues surface, it can lead to confusion. And that can lead to legal battles. Something experienced estate lawyers in New Jersey strive to avoid.

Tax battle under way over size of Astor estate

When it comes to estates and taxes, size matters. And competing claims about size can result in major court battles. New Jersey attorneys with a focus on trusts and wills know this. It's that knowledge that guides strategies on how to protect assets from the tax collector.

Two-year-old may have lost life at hands of father

After teenagers found the body of a 2-year-old girl in a New Jersey creek, a nationwide manhunt for her father began. The 27-year-old man was the last person seen with the young girl who had been released to the custody of her alleged murderer by her mother, the man's estranged girlfriend. According to court records, the two had altered their child custody agreement from an open visitation schedule to one with a set schedule in August.

Unsettled divorce can cast pall over estate resolution

One good reason to stay on top of updating your will and estate plan is that you never know what's going to happen to you, or what action some survivor may launch after you are gone. Life events, such as being stricken by cancer or filing for divorce can affect the way your plans play out unless you are diligent in making modifications as developments occur and make sure those changes are communicated. This is true in New Jersey and everywhere else.

Living will is for 'the other guy,' until you need one

You hear it all the time. "You always think something is going to happen to the other guy, not you." The one's who say that are usually survivors and always those who can actually say it, not someone who has suffered a disaster that leaves them unable to communicate.

Trusts no longer just for the super rich

There was a time when trusts were an estate planning tool used only by the very wealthy. That is no longer the case. New Jersey estate attorneys know that the middle class has expanded to a point where someone of even modest wealth may find a trust to be just the thing to ensure that the value of what they hand on to their heirs is protected.

There are two perspectives to every divorce

Many couples throughout the country will go through a divorce this year. In Jersey City, New Jersey, this is no different. But what is often forgotten is that there are two different perspectives to every divorce: that of the initiator and the non-initiator.