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Can divorce result in a happy ending?

Many in Jersey City, New Jersey fear divorce. Some fear a child custody agreement even more because, despite their loss of love for their former spouse, they still love their child.

This can create a topic of regular disagreement for a former couple if things do not go well. But some believe that if both parents keep the child's well-being at the heart of their conversations when discussing a parenting plan, things may fare better for everyone involved.

A man, who became engaged and wed in 1995 and later got divorced, recently described his situation in a news article. Sometime after his divorce, he attended his ex-wife's wedding when she decided to remarry. The man's mother was with him and his 11-year-old daughter was in attendance as well. At the time, he had such an amicable relationship with his former partner that he could watch her be wed again to another man.

Even today, with a daughter who is now 14 years old, the couple still maintains a healthy relationship. The center of their time spent together is their daughter, and he believes this is why he and his ex-wife get along so well.

When their daughter was 3 years old, the two were in the midst of couple's therapy when they realized she was the only thing holding their marriage together. They didn't want to hurt her life by ending their relationship. Eventually, the two decided to get a divorce because they couldn't remember the last time they were happy and had many communication issues stemming from emotions they could not express. Despite divorcing, the former couple decided that they would not let their marriage mistakes become parenting mistakes.

Ever since, the two have done their best for their child, both alone and together. He says that they remain good friends because of it.

Source: Salon, "My favorite divorce," Jonathan Weiler, Dec. 3, 2011

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