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February 2012 Archives

Doctor suggests going one step further than living will

Living wills and medical powers of attorney are among the many useful documents that experienced estate planners in New Jersey regularly employ to be sure that their clients retain the greatest measure of control over the care they receive. Having such a plan in place is good advice for everyone.

Alimony changes may be unnecessary, expert says

Married couples in New Jersey should be aware that their marriage -- like all others -- could come to an end with a divorce. Divorce is a part of family law which can be a stressful area of the legal system to traverse.

New Jersey Salvation Army attains guardianship for two children

A New Jersey grandmother contacted the local Salvation Army looking for help obtaining legal guardianship of her two minor grandchildren. The Salvation Army is working towards obtaining the legal guardianship for the grandmother and her grandchildren. The Salvation Army is also providing the family with appropriate family counseling services for the grandmother and grandchildren. The Salvation Army used holiday funds to finance the legal aid and support provided to the grandmother and two minor grandchildren.

New data correlates bad economy with divorce rates

Some experts believe that couples in New Jersey should be excited about the recession and the current state of the economy. However, more exciting news has been released for the soon-to-be betrothed and the more seasoned couples. According to data, divorce rates have been on the decline; not just in New Jersey, but all over the nation.

Man's estate gains even in death thanks to planning

We focus a lot of attention on the importance of estate planning for the value it provides in making sure each New Jersey resident has a chance to articulate clearly his or her wishes for the future. Whether it is to specify the level of extraordinary measures doctors should take in case of an emergency, providing for the care of a loved one or distributing assets to heirs, there are tools that can be used in estate planning to cover the bases.

Mogul's bid to adopt girlfriend challenged

Protecting the assets of an estate so that heirs reap the greatest benefit is one of the main advantages of a solid estate plan. New Jersey residents who want to be sure their loved ones are cared for in the long term owe it to themselves to leverage the tools available; wills and trusts; to protect assets against the bite of undue taxes.

Unwed father's rights protected in new adoption law

An unplanned pregnancy is stressful, even for married couples. However, when unwed parents are faced with an unplanned pregnancy, a lot more stress can be involved. Particularly if the mother of the child decides on adoption without the support or knowledge of the baby's father.

Best interests in case of mentally ill pregnant woman unclear

In the fields of family law and estate planning there is a foundational baseline that tends to apply across all the life facets these areas cover. It is the best interest of the individual. The key in trying to make the ideal a reality, as New Jersey-based attorneys with experience in these areas know, is in providing clarity of intent.

Long distance care of aging parent magnifies need for plan

Anyone who has had to care for an aging parent knows what a challenge it can be. There are demands on time, energy and the emotional toll. Responsibilities and obligations of an adult child's own family don't just vanish, either. The issue is worse for those caring for a parent over long distances. And statistically, for residents in New Jersey and the country at large, the situation is only likely to become worse.

A divorce can have serious side effects on credit

Like married couples elsewhere, those in New Jersey often combine finances to make paying bills more convenient. If one spouse sacrifices his or her account and allows everything financial to be handled by the other, it could spell disaster later down the road. Being aware of your finances is a major step that could save a person's credit if divorce ever comes around.

Domestic partnerships can present estate planning challenges

The landscape of American families is constantly changing. No longer is the traditional nuclear family of a man and woman raising one or more children the majority situation in the United States. Census Bureau data show less than a quarter of all households fit that demographic. Households in the United States, New Jersey included, are now comprised of various family types; whether they are single parent households or domestic partnerships.