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March 2012 Archives

Previously unseen Monroe photos likely to do well at auction

As the world has seen in recent months, the end of a person's life does not mean the end of that persona's earning potential. Michael Jackson's estate, now held in trust, is said to be flush. It's been revived by the attachment of his name to myriad entertainment productions. Estate planning attorneys in New Jersey know this is one of the values that can be realized through trusts.

Personal finance writer finds DIY estate planning not for everyone

It doesn't matter if you think your personal estate is small, in the event of your sudden death you will want assurance that whatever assets you have are distributed according to your wishes. Some in New Jersey might consider doing this without the help of an attorney, but as one personal finance writer recently acknowledged, it's not necessarily a good idea.

Zsa Zsa Gabor's daughter seeks new conservator for mom

The only child of Zsa Zsa Gabor is asking a court to go to bat for her mother. She's asked a judge to appoint a conservator to take over her mother's finances and medical care. While the action is taking outside of New Jersey, the focus the story offers on conservatorship, guardianship and estate planning is something we find worthy of attention.

End of life debate proving divisive

End of life decisions are among the most difficult anyone can be asked to make. Limitations on options likely don't make the process any easier. Taking the decision out of the hands of others is one of the greatest gifts New Jersey residents can give to their loved ones and healthcare professionals.

New legislation would have DNA of all newborns tested

A new proposal coming from a New Jersey assembly may have some worried about their privacy. The legislation would have all newborn children take a DNA test to determine if the mother and father of the child are really who they say they are.

Clarity is key to ensure greatest value of guardianships

When it comes to matters of guardianship, living wills or advance directives, clarity is king. The reason these kinds of documents are drawn up by New Jersey estate planning attorneys is to make sure that if an individual has distinct wishes for how he or she is to be treated in end-of-life situations that they are laid out clearly. Assigning a guardian or power of medical attorney is an important way to be sure one has an advocate who can speak on a patient's behalf.

Pet custody cases on the rise across the country

An interesting development in divorce is shining light on the way that pets are perceived when a marriage turns sour. According to several family law experts in New Jersey and across the nation, pets are more often considered as parts of the family rather than as possessions. This is causing some serious issues to arise during the divorce process, some comparing the fight over a pet to that over a child.

Trust provides for more desirable "shelter" than fate

Anne-Marie Schiro, 76, has no desire to see her cats suffer the same fate as those of a friend who died after a long illness. Even though the friend had lined up caregivers for her two felines, when the time came for action, they backed out. One cat eventually got adopted. The other went to a shelter. Schiro's solution; a pet trust; is one estate planning attorneys in New Jersey and elsewhere are familiar with.

Students to get full ride courtesy of "Columbo" actor's estate

At least five undergraduate students are in for a full four-year ride in college thanks to the estate of the late, great Peter Falk. The well-rounded actor, best known for his title role as the disheveled police detective "Columbo," died in June of last year. He was 83. As part of his estate planning, he left a portion of his wealth to set up a scholarship fund; a practice often recommended by experienced New Jersey estate planning attorneys.

N.J. politician says that 67 percent of marriages end in divorce

According to some, cohabitation is on the rise and divorce rates are lower for those that are highly educated. So where does that leave most of the country? Well, according to statements made by New Jersey Senate President, Stephen Sweeney, the majority of married couples should be worried that their marriage will not last. According to the Senate President, 67 percent of marriages end in divorce.

PBS period drama offers estate planning insights

The phenomenon that seems to be "Downton Abbey" is an interesting one that a lot of New Jersey folks are probably tapped into. The series certainly has attracted a lot of viewers. The show's second season ended earlier this month on PBS drawing an audience of nearly 5.5 million.