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Zsa Zsa Gabor's daughter seeks new conservator for mom

The only child of Zsa Zsa Gabor is asking a court to go to bat for her mother. She's asked a judge to appoint a conservator to take over her mother's finances and medical care. While the action is taking outside of New Jersey, the focus the story offers on conservatorship, guardianship and estate planning is something we find worthy of attention.

At the heart of the activity is the Hungarian-born actress and one-time Hollywood glamour icon. Now 95, Gabor is bed-ridden. She suffered a broken hip and had a leg amputated two years ago. Financial affairs and medical care are handled by her ninth husband, Prince Frederic von Anhalt, 68. They've been married for 25 years.

This past Tuesday, Gabor's daughter, Francesca petitioned the Los Angeles County Superior Court to step in and replace von Anhalt. There's no indication in the reports as to whether she has a specific person in mind. The judge agreed to set a May 2 date for a hearing on the request.

According to the details of the petition, Hilton suspects that von Anhalt is putting his own interests ahead of those of her mother. The documents point to a $700,000 loan von Anhalt recently took out against Gabor's Bel Air mansion. They note, too, that the house reportedly is in foreclosure for missed mortgage payments.

Hilton also claims von Anhalt has kept her from seeing her mother except in the presence of lawyers and doctors. She says her mother is being kept heavily sedated and that she appears to be suffering from "remnants of some bedsores" and lesions on her face.

A response to the claims came from von Anhalt the same day. He says there's no need for concern or a different conservator. He says his wife feels fine and is in good condition. Yes, he says, he did borrow $700,000 against the mansion property. But he says the house isn't in foreclosure and he needs the money to pay Gabor's medical bills and to pay past due mortgage payments. He says his wife is $6 million in debt.

Such battles are not new. Hilton and von Anhalt have been at each other for years. She says he's trying to keep her out of her mother's life. He says the limits he's placed on his step-daughter's access are intended to prevent negativity from entering his wife's room.

Source: CNN, "Judge asked to intervene in Zsa Zsa Gabor's care," Alan Duke, March 20, 2012

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