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April 2012 Archives

Agreement allows child support orders to be enforced abroad

International custody battles are often dramatic and drawn out. Political issues can get in the way along with conflicts of jurisdiction, forcing both parents and diplomats into uncomfortable situations.

Brave teen starts trust fund for benefit of others

We talk a lot about how wills and trusts are essential tools of comprehensive estate planning that New Jersey residents can and should use. Among the benefits of having a will drawn up by an experienced estate planning attorney is the assurance that your assets will be distributed to heirs the way you want. Establishing trusts can ensure an income stream for yourself later in life, or help ensure that more of your assets are protected for the benefit of loved ones.

Regulators squeeze insurers for unpaid death benefits

Readers of this blog are well aware of our position on the importance of proper estate planning. Regardless of what you think you may have in the way of an estate, the best way for a New Jersey resident to make sure heirs receive the benefits of accumulated assets according to your wishes is by having a solid plan in place.

Divorce can cause long-term stress, even for celebrities

Divorce can be tough. The emotional turmoil and financial strain it can bring upon an individual has left many in Jersey City, New Jersey feeling distraught and without hope. Though, this is not always the case -- a divorce can be amicable. Even celebrities with their high-profile lives and large amounts of wealth feel this way about the end of a marriage.

Advanced directives shift focus from illness to patient goals

Amid the clamor generated by daily information resources folks in New Jersey may have missed the fact that April 16 was National Healthcare Decisions Day. It was the fifth annual. Its intent, according to the NHDD website, is to "inspire, educate and empower the public" about the importance of advanced directives regarding personal care. We can identify with that.

Expected prevalence of dementia argues for estate planning now

It is estimated that one in eight baby boomers will develop some form of dementia, such as Alzheimer's, after they turn 65. That's according to the Alzheimer's Association. The group estimates that of those boomers who reach 85, half will develop the debilitating effects. With statistics like that is it any wonder why estate planning attorneys in New Jersey and elsewhere work so hard to deliver the message that the time to plan is now?

Expo reminds people that divorce is not abnormal

Recently divorced individuals in Jersey City, New Jersey may have heard that a special expo occurred in New York City. That expo was geared towards the transition that comes after a marriage ends. With the number of presenters, proprietors and people that were present, it is likely that the event was considered a success by its creators.

Les Paul estate items auction likely to yield hard cash

Entertainment icons have a way of maintaining their earning potential long after they're gone. Estate planning attorneys in New Jersey and the rest of the country know this and are in a position to help individuals develop strategies that can allow their estate to generate revenue into the future or minimize estate taxes so more assets go to heirs.

International custody disputes are tough, legislation may help

Having to face a child custody dispute, even in the most amicable of situations, is difficult. The transition from having your child involved in your life each day to a designated schedule can be very disheartening and stressful. Still, some parents have had to fight for their children in what could be the hardest place for a custody battle to occur: internationally.

Intrepid newsman Mike Wallace dead at 93

A man who said he found his bliss in asking tough questions in a quest for what he considered great television is dead. Mike Wallace died in a convalescent home Saturday. He was 93. His legacy is one that has been captured in audio and video recordings for posterity. Considering his more than 70-year career, Wallace is likely to stand out as a journalism legend for several generations of people in New Jersey and the rest of the country.

States reconsidering estate taxes; will New Jersey follow?

Here in New Jersey, we levy both an estate and an inheritance tax when a person dies and leaves money over a certain amount behind to someone else. If that strikes you as a little unfair because it taxes both the estate and the beneficiary, you're not alone in that line of thinking. One estate planning professional even included New Jersey on her list of "Where Not To Die" because the tax penalties can be so high if you are not careful.

Cohabitation before marriage does not indicate divorce anymore

A new study may interest couples from Jersey City, New Jersey that are considering the option of moving in together prior to tying the knot. According to the news report, it seems that moving in before marriage is not as much of an indicator of divorce as it used to be.

New Jersey joining push for greater use of living wills

According to some estimates the number of people in America without the benefit of a living will is somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 million. That's about a third of the entire population. If the same percentage applies to New Jersey, the number of folks who lack a living will would come in at around three million.

Guardian role not something to be left to chance

According to one estimate, set by an AARP survey in 2009, more than 42 million Americans provide family care for an adult family member who needs help with every day activities. Another 61 million provide some level of care to an elder family member at least some time during any given year. New Jersey residents are not immune. For many, it is a role that is thrust upon them without warning.

Noncustodial parents can claim dependents on taxes

Divorced couples with children in Jersey City, New Jersey may be wondering who gets to claim the children as dependents on their taxes this year. While the child custody battle may long be over, this can quickly become a heated argument if not properly addressed.