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Divorce can cause long-term stress, even for celebrities

Divorce can be tough. The emotional turmoil and financial strain it can bring upon an individual has left many in Jersey City, New Jersey feeling distraught and without hope. Though, this is not always the case -- a divorce can be amicable. Even celebrities with their high-profile lives and large amounts of wealth feel this way about the end of a marriage.

For example, take Scarlett Johansson's recent comments on her divorce from actor, Ryan Reynolds.

According to her, the divorce that ended the celebrity couple's marriage was devastating. She explained that it was as if her life was heading in one direction but then suddenly took an unexpected turn that she did not want to happen.

The two had married in late 2008 and announced their divorce two years later, in 2010. Johansson has said that she is still getting over the split, despite having other men in her life since.

Johansson, 27, believes that time spent with one another was a major factor that led to the split from Reynolds, 35. She has said that the pressures involved with two people pursuing careers such as theirs was too much for their relationship. They did not get to spend the necessary time living together or even face-to-face. She indicated that the strain that this put on their relationship was something that she wishes they could have avoided.

Johansson also commented on the relative privacy that the couple had during their marriage. This is surprising, considering how well known both individuals are. Johansson's relationships after the split, including one with another actor, were under close watch by the public, which she says took a bit of adjusting in order to get used to.

The divorce is still with her, though she says that she is getting better with time. She says that not having him around -- as a partner and a close friend -- is simply "weird."

Source: Seatlle PI, "Scarlett Johansson on 'Horrible' Divorce From Ryan Reynolds: It's Still 'Weird'," Kate Stanhope, April 12, 2012

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