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May 2012 Archives

New Jersey health care directives should be done sooner, rather than later

People often avoid preparing for death. It is something that most people just simply don't want to think about. Of course, death isn't a thought that makes us feel good inside, but knowing that everything regarding your estate or medical care will go according to your direction after you are unable to manage your own affairs can bring great peace of mind.

Informal vs. formal child support: Which is better?

The results of a recent study are associating formal child support and more aggressive behavior in the children for whom the support is paid. Researchers examined unmarried parents and the presence of formal or informal support.

Rosa Parks' estate battle takes another turn

The late Rosa Parks died in 2005. Shortly before her death, she set up a trust that left her belongings and intellectual property to her friend and caregiver as well as the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self Development. Her nieces and nephews contested the estate plan, probably because it was set up so late in her life.

Gary Coleman's estate decided by a judge, rules against ex-wife

Last week, we told you about childhood actor Gary Coleman's estate battle that was being fought in court between the actor's ex-wife and his ex-girlfriend. We learned this week that the judge has ruled against the actor's ex-wife in regards to who should receive his estate. The actor allegedly hand wrote a note, amending his will, which would have favored his ex-wife. The odd wording of the amendment along with other evidence of abuse led the judge to rule against his ex-wife.

Co-Parent Court: A new way of addressing parental involvement

A shift in demographics has some worried about the next generation of children. According to statistics, about 40 percent of children in the U.S. are born to unmarried parents. If parents do not know one another, the stress of raising a child together can be severe. Similarly, an unmarried couple that shares a child and splits up may cause stress for both parents and the child.

Common errors in New Jersey estate planning

Many people don't consider doing estate planning a priority. In recent years, people have tried using the do it yourself estate planning documents in order to save money. When these documents are hastily thrown together, the effects can end up not being what was originally intended. If an estate isn't properly planned, the beneficiaries of that estate might find themselves scrambling to figure out who gets what.

Ex-wife and ex-girlfriend battle over Garry Coleman's estate

Planning for the unexpected is not always easy, but it is necessary. Many people don't think about planning for their future and the future of their families. They simply think that nothing will happen to them until they are older so they don't worry about making a will. This could be a mistake that will carry on for years after you death should you die unexpectedly.

Child support can last through college

During a divorce, many questions arise. How will the assets be divided? What kind of alimony will I have to pay? How much will child support cost me and how long will it last? Some find that this last question is the most important and, depending on the state that the couple divorces in, the answer can change depending on the differing family law statutes.

Talking with mother about estate planning might be best Mother's Day gift

Mother's Day is just a few days away. Many people are always looking for ways to show their moms that they care. Talking with your mom about how to plan for her future might be the best gift a family member can offer. Helping your mother figure out her financial future and ensure that she receives the proper care when she needs it is one of the most important gifts.

Early estate planning is key for everyone in New Jersey

Many people go through life, start accumulating assets, and forget about what will happen to those assets when they die. For people in New Jersey it is easy to forget about planning, and even easier to delay estate planning. It tends to be one of those things that you'll get around to when you have spare time.

Politician settles suit made by ex-wife over child support

High-profile divorces often occur in the realm of celebrities but a divorce between a U.S. congressman and his former wife in 2004 left many arguing over the politician's credibility. According to a lawsuit filed by his former wife, the congressman owed back child support. Factoring in interest, the suit alleged that he owed his former wife $117,437. Parents that are owed support in New Jersey may have grounds to file a similar suit.