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Bristol Palin's reality show disgusts her son's father

Nearly every family runs into issues. Unmarried parents in New Jersey often disagree on how their child should be raised while one of them possesses full custody and the other possesses only visitation rights. If the noncustodial parent wants the current child custody status to change, she or he may have to sue in court.

That is what Levi Johnston, former fiancé of Bristol Palin, plans to do. Johnston and Palin were put into the media's spotlight during the 2008 presidential election when Palin's mother, Sarah Palin, was running with John McCain as his candidate for vice president. Since then, the daughter of the former governor of Alaska has given birth to her and Johnston's son, Tripp, and has become the star of a reality television show called Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp.

The former couple gave birth to their child out of wedlock and, according to reports, Johnston is unhappy with the way that his son has been raised by his former partner. On a recent episode of the reality show, a word that Tripp used is censored. Initially, it was thought to be a slur often directed at homosexuals but a later disclaimer in the episode made by Palin, 21, clarifies the situation: He used a different word that started with the same letter, one that is still regarded as offensive to most people.

She blamed the adults that her son is often around, including her father, her cousins and all of their friends. Tripp is now 3 years old and Johnston has said that he is disgusted by the way that his son is acting. Reports indicate that Johnston said he loves his son and will do anything to ensure that the boy is raised properly.

He plans to seek half or full custody of Tripp and will likely be filing the suit in Alaska relatively soon. Palin's attorneys did not comment on the pending litigation.

Source: Lawyer Herald, "Levi Johnston Sues Bristol Palin: Sarah Palin's Daughter in Heated Custody Battle Over Son Tripp," Tatjana Kulkarni, Aug. 7, 2012

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