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Arrests net more than a dozen parents who owe support

Many custodial parents in New Jersey find themselves stressed and struggling because the noncustodial parent has failed to obey court orders. Disobeyed court orders that cause the most damage in regards to separated parents are often related to child support, an amount of money that may be necessary for the custodial parents to provide a stable life for the children.

Some parents are owed more than others because the circumstances are different in each case. But a recent crackdown in Salem County, New Jersey, saw more than a dozen individuals placed in jail because of the support they owed. The sweep netted 14 parents that had failed to pay thousands of dollars in support with one of them owing more than $100,000 alone.

One of the individuals arrested was a 27-year-old from Salem, New jersey. The father was taken into custody on a child support warrant for owing $1,877.51. He was taken to the county jail like the majority of the arrested parents. This sum was on the low-end of the spectrum for the 14 people who were taken into custody.

A 51-year-old woman also from Salem owed $9,763.40 on two support warrants and was arrested by officers in her town of residence. A 20-year-old man from Penns Grove, New Jersey, owed $3,682 on a single warrant. A 26-year-old from Salem owed $17,942.02 on two warrants. A 41-year-old man owed $12,153.28 on three warrants. All three of the parents were taken into custody.

The two individuals with the highest back support were a 46-year-old from Atlantic City and a 45-year-old from Salem. The 46-year-old had five Salem County child support warrants for a total amount of $77,527.23. In addition, the parent had a municipal warrant from Atlantic City for $500. The 45-year-old father from Salem owed $105,505.37 on four county warrants.

The amount of money owed by these individuals totals a considerable sum but some experts believe that arresting the individuals does not contribute to their desire or ability to repay the amounts. Programs in other states have attempted creating individually tailored plans that have shown some success.

Source: NJ.com, "Salem man owing more than $105,000 in child support tops arrests by Salem County Sheriff's Office," Sept. 6, 2012

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