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Celebrity child support woes

When a celebrity has legal problems, millions of people hear about it. Dennis Rodman's recent stint in court is a prime example of just such a thing. According to reports, he and his ex-wife have been arguing about child support for some time. She alleged that he owed $850,000 to her in back child support.

Rodman and his ex-wife began their legal battles in 2004 when she filed for divorce from him. The couple has been involved in court proceedings ever since. In the most recent case, it was ordered that Rodman pay $500,000 of the $850,000 amount. According to reports, the couple met out of court to discuss the amount she and her attorney had originally claimed Rodman owed. They came to the agreement that he should pay $500,000, possibly due to the fact that he had been paying the incorrect amount of support for some time.

This mistake apparently stems from a court hearing in March 2009 that Rodman did not attend. During that hearing, he was ordered to pay more child support than he already was. Reports indicate that he was never given the updated court documents so he was never made aware of the change.

Because of this misunderstanding, Rodman was held in contempt of court. The presiding judge acknowledged that his contempt was not intentional and used his continued payments of a lesser amount as evidence in this decision. He was sentenced to informal probation for his contempt and was not given more community service because he has apparently been complying with the court order since he discovered the correct amount of support.

An official warned Rodman during the proceeding that if he fails to pay, he could be taken into custody and thrown into jail. Like Rodman, many parents in New Jersey are aware of this possibility and do their best to pay the support they owe for their children.

Source: Christian Post, "Dennis Rodman to Pay $500,000 in Child Support After Court Order," Myles Collier, Dec. 7, 2012

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