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Why estate planning is not just for old fogies

The saying goes "young, dumb, and in love." While a better variation of that saying might be "young, impulsive, and in love," the varying truth behind the statement should make all those who are young, impulsive, and in love think twice about some of the activities they may participate in if they do not yet have an estate plan worked out.

Estate planning may be seen as an older populations game, but it may be most applicable in today's uncertain and litigious world for young people to start taking the thought of making a will or power of attorney serious. Many of the younger generations participate in thrill seeking adventures and activities that are not always the safest activities, yet greatly satisfy a generation which thrives off of adrenaline.

One need not have gobs of money to create a will or plan for the future of their belongings. If you have any assets that you would like to leave to your family, friends, or charitable organization in the event that something happens to you when jumping off of your next cliff while skiing out-of-bounds on your latest vacation. A simple estate plan consisting of a will, durable power of attorney, and a healthcare directive can actually help you clearly state your wishes regarding how you want your assets to be transferred or your health to be cared for in case you are no longer able to make those decisions or no longer around to make them.

If you are a young person, whether you get thrills from dangerous activities or not, you should consider starting an estate plan to express your ultimate wishes and thereby help ease the pain and suffering for your loved ones should an unexpected fatal accident occur. Those who have families and travel frequently should be especially prepared and concerned about safeguarding those that are dear to them when they are suddenly no longer able to. Consider contacting an estate planning attorney to ensure your future and that of your family is taken care of. Better late than never, and you never know when tomorrow may no longer be there for you.

Source: The Epoch Times, "Estate Planning Considerations for Young People," Arleen Richards, Jan. 6, 2013

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