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Children of divorce are more likely to smoke, study says

A new study is reporting an interesting connection between divorce and smoking. Though many people cope with a divorce differently -- some choose to drink, others choose to act out -- the study did not focus on the couples that were dissolving their marriages. Instead, it focused on the children of divorces, and people in Jersey City, New Jersey, may be interested to learn the results.

According to researchers, children of divorce are more likely to start smoking than their counterparts who grew up with parents that did not divorce. The study was published in the Journal of Public Health. It examined 19,000 women and men that were over the age of 18. Researchers found that nearly 4,000 of those individuals were children of divorce. Nearly 2,400 were female and more than 1,500 were male.

This group was examined and researchers determined that they were more likely to smoke 100 cigarettes or more in their lifetime. The study indicated that men who had parents that divorced before they were 18 years old were 48 percent more likely to smoke than men whose parents did not split. The same idea applied to women but with a slightly lower increase in likelihood of 39 percent.

Researchers behind the study made sure to note that they are aware of other possible causes for this increased likelihood, including many factors that affect children of divorce. A few of these factors are: traumatic childhood events, parental addiction, lower level of education, lower level of income, depression and anxiety. Even after accounting for these factors, the researchers reported that there was still a strong connection between divorce and smoking.

Those that choose to divorce should make sure to keep the interests of their children at the forefront of their minds. Parents who choose to forget about the wellbeing of their children will likely see repercussions in the near future. In order to keep yourself on track, consider hiring an attorney that is specialized in divorce.

Source: Huffington Post, "Divorce Research: Study Finds That Children Of Divorce Are More Likely To Smoke," March 14, 2013

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