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May 2013 Archives

Father who was supposedly dead after divorce found alive

There are divorce and child support horror stories. Many people have heard them but, thankfully, few experience them. Still, they do occur and they can happen to any number of individuals living in Jersey City, New Jersey. Compared to some divorce stories, these nightmares sound over-the-top and occasionally unbelievable, but the lengths to which some individuals go to avoid making payments on requirements such as child support may no longer be very surprising after hearing one woman's story.

Different trusts do different things

When someone hears the word trust related to estate planning, they might think trusts are used to gain some tax benefits or used for tax purposes. People might also associate trusts with rich people only, and might feel that unless a person is wealthy, they don't serve a purpose. The truth is trusts can be used for many different purposes, and there are many types of trusts.

Careful how you name life insurance beneficiaries

Life insurance might seem like a very easy thing. You buy life insurance in case of an unexpected death, and you name beneficiaries. It is just that simple, right? The answer might depend on who you name as your beneficiary. Although many people can name whomever they would like as their beneficiary, there are some things that people should be cautious of.

Does your divorce allow you to change your name?

A number of questions may pop into a person's head when divorce becomes an option, especially when kids are involved: Who will get the house? Which of the parents will become the kids' custodial parent, and what if it's not me? Will spousal support be determined? And if the spouse is a woman, she may be wondering if she should change her name back to her maiden name. Family law experts have weighed in on this last question for quite some time and one who recently discussed it left the decision up to the woman herself. In place of a ruling on the topic, she gave a number of reasons that a woman may choose to change.

Estate planning errors, DIY wills can have unintended effects

Estate planning might seem like a confusing, time-consuming task for some people. They might ask why they need to do it, and what they all should do to formulate a plan. If they make a mistake, they might assume their heirs will just take care of straightening out the details.

Digital estate planning a new concept for many

People around the world are engaging in digital activity in many different aspects of their lives. They meet friends online, they do their shopping online from their living rooms and they even bank online. So, what happens with all of these accounts after someone dies?

Many single mothers do not receive child support

The number of single mothers with minor children in the U.S. in 2011 was 10 million. With 84.1 percent of single parent households headed by women in 2012, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, there seem to be a number of people in the U.S. having children without getting married. When a relationship ends, it can lead to a major argument over child custody and child support. But in some cases, it may lead to neither, as one in three children are being raised without a father.

People should share wishes with relatives on heirlooms, wills

What would a person do with more than 700 dolls that they inherited from a relative? Many people who aren't sure what their relative intended for them to do would probably just have them appraised and sell them. However, if this relative was deeply emotional about their collection, whether it is a doll collection or a car collection, the person or people who inherit the collection would probably try their best to maintain the collection.

Extreme conflict can lead to a nightmarish custody case

Divorcing parents in Jersey City, New Jersey, may have trouble coming to an agreement, particularly when it comes to the children. Many couples in the past have struggled with the important determination of child custody. Few, however, will go through as much conflict as one couple who was recently back in court. Their hearing ended with the mother permanently losing custody of her three children because she had falsely accused her ex-husband of molesting them.

There are important times to review your estate plan

We all go through drastic changes in our lives. While many people might not see them as drastic, the seemingly ordinary life happenings might actually be very dramatic for a person's estate plan. While we may have our world view engrained in us from our adolescent years, many of us are not the same person from the time we turn 18 until the time we retire.

Young people should have living wills, estate plans

Many people graduate from high school, and head off to college. While their parents might not go off to college with them, many young adults heavily rely on their parents for advice and money. They also may ask their parents to weigh in on health care decisions as they could be on a parents insurance and might need guidance on certain issues.

Woman sues after her husbands ex-wife gets life insurance

A woman in another state filed a lawsuit after her husband neglected to change his life insurance policy. After the man's death, his wife found out that he never changed the beneficiary on his life insurance policy, which listed his ex-wife. Therefore, his life insurance payout was sent to his ex-wife instead of his widow.