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Does your divorce allow you to change your name?

A number of questions may pop into a person's head when divorce becomes an option, especially when kids are involved: Who will get the house? Which of the parents will become the kids' custodial parent, and what if it's not me? Will spousal support be determined? And if the spouse is a woman, she may be wondering if she should change her name back to her maiden name. Family law experts have weighed in on this last question for quite some time and one who recently discussed it left the decision up to the woman herself. In place of a ruling on the topic, she gave a number of reasons that a woman may choose to change.

Some of the major advice for women considering a name change because of divorce was that they should do it for themselves, because they want to do it, not to further distance themselves from their ex-spouses. This, the expert said, was the wrong reason for doing it. It could end up in regret, considering that divorced parents often have to continue interacting in order to raise the children properly; no name change can change this. Many parents in Hudson, New Jersey, need to realize this, especially when considering the dissolution of their marriages.

Changing your name back can give you a burst of independence once the divorce is finalized. The marriage may have made you feel dependent on your spouse but now that they are generally out of the picture, reverting to your maiden name can give you the confidence you need to return to the single life. It can also help you in a former profession if you decided to stop working during the relationship, especially if you made a name for yourself before you got married.

Those who choose not to change immediately should leave themselves the option of doing so by ensuring the proper clauses are in the divorce decree. If those clauses are absent, then changing your name may end up costing you more money and more time through court proceedings. By asking your attorney--assuming that you have one--to include the option for a name change, you give yourself the option of changing your name and changing your mind.

Source:  Huffington Post, "Should You Change Your Name Back After Divorce?" Jackie Pilossoph, May. 21, 2013

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