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A prenup can make your divorce much easier

Couples who decide to divorce in Hudson, New Jersey, may find that doing so is much more taxing than they thought it ever could be. The process can take up a large amount of time and cause emotions to run high, even in situations where both spouses believe that the split should happen. This is understandable, particularly when considering that the full weight of a family law proceeding is loaded onto the backs of two divorcing spouses.

Many people hear the word "divorce" and imagine two spouses going head-to-head for months, throwing punches in order to acquire more property or more spousal support. But this does not have to be the case. Some couples choose to prepare themselves for such a situation in order to avoid a nasty breakup. One way that a couple can do this is with a prenuptial agreement; the only issue is that this document must be drafted and signed before the marriage occurs. Also known as premarital agreements, soon-to-be-wed couples can use these to determine who gets what in case of a divorce.

Though a large number of individuals perceive this precautionary tactic as unromantic, many experts see its practicality. Think about it: Would you rather decide how the assets are divided while you are still in love or after the relationship has turned sour? When looking at it like this, most couples may opt for the prenup as it can help them have a less stressful transition out of the marriage. Now, remember that having a prenup does not guarantee that divorce will happen. Instead, consider it a form of insurance. Everyone knows that they have the chance to get sick one day and that is why many people possess health insurance. The same goes for having a prenuptial agreement.

You should contact an attorney if you are considering divorce, whether or not you have a prenup in place. Many people find that divorcing without the assistance of a legal professional leaves them vulnerable and confused, so at least speak with a lawyer once before your filing is made.

Source:  Palisades Hudson Financial Group, "Planning For The Possibility Of Divorce" Benjamin C. Sullivan, Jun. 10, 2013

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