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Woman arrested after requesting husband's murder

Society typically looks at divorce as one of the hardest times that a person will go through in her or his life. Many people in Hudson, New Jersey, have gone through divorce and come out the other end still able to love and still alive. But if one woman had her way, her husband would not have made it through their marriage. Authorities said that she asked a hit man to kill her husband for her because it would be, according to a video filmed with a hidden camera, easier than divorcing him. The problem was that the hit man was actually an undercover cop.

The hidden camera footage shows a 21-year-old woman in a vehicle during April. Authorities said that a coworker of the woman said she had discussed the possibility of having her husband murdered and that individual informed the police. Some time later, the woman wound up inside of a vehicle with a police officer posing as a hit man. She had planned on paying the man $50,000 to kill her 27-year-old husband because, as she put it, it would be easier to have him killed and her made into a widow than to break his heart and deal with the judgment of her family if she decided to divorce like most spouses would.

There was no mention of violent behavior on the husband's part, so it does not seem that the murder would have been related to revenge or escaping an unhealthy relationship. Police believe that the woman's major reason for requesting his murder was the life insurance he had on himself, a policy totaling $400,000. During the meeting between the woman and the undercover detective, the officer told the woman she could pay a few weeks after the job had been done. When she left the car, she was taken into custody.

Just because the end of a relationship may seem unknown and earth-shattering, it does not mean that a person should resort to extreme measures. Many marriages will end and those considering divorce should understand this. With the help of an attorney, a spouse may be able to have a much easier split. And if the decision to end the relationship is amicable to both parties, the divorce could be even easier.

CBS Local, "Woman Says Killing Husband Would Be Easier Than Divorce" No Author Given, Jul. 09, 2013

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