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Your divorce does not have to be sad permanently

If you're living in Jersey City, New Jersey, and you're in the middle of a divorce, you're probably not alone. A huge number of people get divorced each year, even though they may have never saw it coming. Few people -- if any -- get married to get split up, so divorce is rarely something that somebody goes into a marriage looking for. This means that the majority of the people going through a split -- whether they left or are have been left -- are distraught about the whole situation. And though it may be hard to get over, there are ways to bring a bit of happiness to the dissolution; it just takes a bit of perspective.

When a divorce is first filed, the majority of people will look back on their marriages and wonder what went wrong. Though the old saying is that hindsight is 20/20, some people may struggle to see the errors in the marriage and may find themselves confused and hung-up on the matter. Others may know exactly what went wrong and may hold onto those things with heavy regret. Both of these situations can cause a person to become depressed over the divorce. Instead of dwelling on the marriage that once was, consider the current circumstances as well as those of the future.

If you did the leaving, you likely did so for a reason and are moving forward, onto the next chapter. If you were left and believe that you two should still be together, realize that it is very unlikely that either of you would be happy if you got back together now. If you think you should be with someone who no longer wants to be with you, most would suggest that you think again because you deserve better than that. The divorce should be seen as liberating rather than what it is for so many: oppressive. A life filled with regret and resentment is one that will be riddled with sadness and anger. Instead of allowing this to happen, push forward and realize that nothing but opportunity lies before you.

Of course, there are a plethora of issues that have to be dealt with before the divorce is finalized. This is what attorneys are good at and why individuals involved in a split should have a conversation with them about the divorce before making any major legal decisions.

Huffington Post, "Divorce Advice: How To Have A Happy Divorce" Lisa Kaplin, Jul. 22, 2013

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