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Judges may require weird things through divorce rulings

Some divorces have seemingly particular issues to address. It may be a large number of children to determine custody and support for or it could be a squabble over a valuable collection of female shoes, even though the wife is likely the person who purchased and wore them during the marriage. But then there are other, seemingly random rulings that are passed down by judges, like a recent decision that required a woman's husband to pay her extra money per month in order to support her ice cream habit. Though the ruling was not in the U.S., other odd decisions have been passed down by those presiding over divorce cases.

The ice cream case happened in India. The man -- who his ex-wife said is worth millions of dollars -- had already been told to pay a little less than $1,400 per month when the judge decided that she deserved an extra $2.50 per month in order to allow her to eat ice cream. The ex-husband had claimed that she had spent a considerable amount of his money on ice cream as it was, and this may have contributed to the couple's divorce. But even so, how would this go over in a court in New Jersey? Probably not too well.

But don't exclude American judges from making odd rulings too. Early last year, a man was ordered to apologize on his Facebook page for something he said about his ex-wife on the same virtual space. This is a great example of why divorcing couples should avoid talking badly about each other, especially in such a public venue. Perhaps more damaging than this is when parents discuss the faults of their ex-spouses with their children; this can be extremely hurtful and confusing for children, especially if both parents are doing it.

It may be needless to say this, but divorce is complicated. It does not have to be so and with the help of an experienced attorney, many individuals have found that their divorces are easier than expected. Lawyers can help a client keep her or his emotions in check while the process is ongoing to make sure that it goes as smoothly as possible and hopefully, this will help the couple avoid any oddball rulings like the ones mentioned here.

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