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December 2013 Archives

Wills for special needs children key in New Jersey

At the close of a year, many New Jersey residents begin to make goals for the upcoming year. For many families, those goals include drafting wills. For families with special needs children, estate planning can be even more important to ensure that all aspects of the child's future are properly secured in the event of the premature death of his or her parents.

Student loans may be considered in New Jersey property division

When New Jersey couples divorce, they often rely on how our state laws are designed to help them split their assets. However, debts are also a part of property division and typically use the same principles as assets. When it comes to student loan debt, particularly if only one spouse acquired it during the marriage, things may get a little more complicated. It may be helpful for divorcing couples to understand the factors that are considered when determining whether student loans are separate or marital debt.

Supreme Court decision could affect IRA inheritances

We've written before about coordinating trusts and wills to get the most out of an estate plan. A will can go long way in clarifying how you want your assets distributed, and a trust can be set up to protect assets, provide you with a stream of income, and shield loved ones from a heavy estate tax.

Reform groups and Bar Association propose separate alimony bills

The fight over New Jersey alimony reform continues, as reform groups have accused the New Jersey State Bar Association of using stall tactics by introducing a bill in addition to the legislation brought by the reform groups. The two bills have two parts in common:

Are your beneficiary designations and your will coordinated?

We've written before about the importance of coordinating your will with other accounts that have beneficiary designations. Items such as retirement accounts and life insurance plans, for which you can designate a beneficiary, will override a will in the event that there is a discrepancy.

Shaping the future through estate planning

Estate planning often involves a significant amount of brainstorming about possibilities related to your family's particular situation. To craft a plan that matches your wishes for your family and your assets in every way, it is essential to have the appropriate array of estate planning tools, such as wills, trusts, powers of attorney and healthcare directives.