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January 2014 Archives

Have you signed a power of attorney document?

While they may have heard the term many times, a lot of New Jersey residents don't know exactly what "power of attorney" means. When you create a power of attorney, you become known as the principal. By signing the power of attorney document, you give another person, known as the attorney-in-fact, the legal right to make financial decisions on your behalf. This person may also be referred to as a fiduciary or an agent.

'Muskrat Love' not enough to keep Captain and Tennille together

If you recall the musical duo Captain and Tennille, you probably never would have guessed that the couple would one day file for divorce. The 70-something baby boomers, Toni Tennille and Daryl Dragon, are known for such 1970s hits as "Muskrat Love" and "Love Will Keep Us Together." However, according to an announcement on the couple's website, the uncovering of "hidden feelings" has led to a marital split.

What if a New Jersey trust isn't funded?

Let's say you've created a trust. What do you do now? Well, one of the most important things is to actually fund the trust. Unfortunately, many people don't follow through with this crucial step, so the benefits of the trust ultimately aren't available for the settlor or the beneficiaries.

Taking advantage of child tax exemptions and trusts

Here is something that many non-custodial parents overlook in their divorce settlements: child tax exemptions. Non-custodial parents in New Jersey often assume that the child tax exemption, which can be very significant, especially when you consider all of the years of a minor child's life, is only available to the custodial parent.

Never too early to start estate planning

It may be true (and, in many cases, unfortunate) that most people wait until they get older before they begin estate planning. We wrote earlier this week about a case of unexpected incapacitation, and the reality is that an incapacitating event can happen to anyone at any age.

Guardianship finally lifted after Toms River man's recovery

If you are planning to live out your days in New Jersey, you may be interested in the story of an elderly Toms River man who found himself a ward of the state after a nasty fall left him with a traumatic brain injury. The accident happened two years ago, and he admittedly became unable to handle his own affairs and was deemed mentally incapacitated by the state.

Estate planning comes with important decisions in New Jersey

Thinking about an untimely event that could leave a person unable to take care of future affairs may not be the most uplifting activity to some New Jersey residents. However, estate planning could allow an individual peace of mind knowing that if an incident was to occur in which they were killed or otherwise incapacitated, their affairs would be in order. Drawing up wills and selecting an agent to carry out wishes may seem daunting, but reliable information could help.