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February 2014 Archives

Using a QDRO to ensure the payment of alimony and child support

Even with an alimony or child support order in place, actually receiving the agreed-upon payments is problematic for many people in New Jersey. Maybe the paying ex-spouse or noncustodial parent loses a job, and the support payments just aren't available. Or maybe he or she chooses not to honor the divorce settlement out of spite. In either case, if you are supposed to receive support payments but aren't, you should be aware of your legal options.

Some things Paul Walker did right in his estate plan

Fans of the "Fast and Furious" movie franchise were undoubtedly saddened by the unexpected death of actor Paul Walker. The star is survived by his teenage daughter and his mother and father. Walker reportedly owned assets totaling about $25 million, and his plan to preserve those assets is worth considering.

An interesting dispute over child custody and lost assets

A recent ruling by a New Jersey appeals court stands at an interesting crossroads between asset preservation and child custody issues. It is not uncommon for divorced spouses to disapprove of each other's parenting choices, but it is uncommon for one ex-spouse to sue the other over a child's alleged misdeeds.

Dividing appreciated stock value in a New Jersey divorce

We've written before about how marital assets and debts in a divorce are supposed to be equitably divided in New Jersey. For example, our previous post -- "How can the home be divided in a New Jersey divorce?" -- discusses the options available to divorcing spouses who are unsure of the best way of protecting their financial future.

Writing protection clauses for trusts and guardianships

In planning their estates, many New Jersey residents choose to protect their minor children by creating a trust and naming a guardian. A trust can ensure that at some point a minor child receives the funds from the trust, and naming a guardian ensures that a specific person will take guardianship of a minor child in the event that something happens to the parents. A guardianship or conservatorship may also be established if an estate owner becomes incapacitated and unable to handle matters of the estate.