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March 2014 Archives

Trace Adkins' wife files for divorce, asks for child custody

Living life as a star seems glamorous to many people. There are times, however, when living in the limelight might mean that you have to deal with private matters in a public or semi-public manner. This is often the case when a star is going through a divorce. New Jersey residents might be interested to learn that country music star Trace Adkins is now facing a divorce.

Prenuptial lifestyle clauses: Will they hold up in divorce court?

More and more couples are completing prenuptial agreements before saying their wedding vows. In the past, most people considered these types of agreements to be used only by wealthy individuals who wanted to keep their assets if the marriage failed. However, even those with few assets are turning to prenuptial agreements, but for different reasons. Lifestyle clauses have become more common in prenuptial agreements, and the most frequent of these involve a spouse's fidelity.

Factoring digital assets into estate planning

When Facebook recently updated their privacy policies following a father's plea to view his deceased son's "year in review" video, the act garnered a lot of attention. This kind of estate planning is nothing new, even though most people don't give much thought to what, if anything, happens to their online accounts after they die. From Facebook and Twitter to bank accounts and 401K plans, most people have a whole other world of personal assets to factor into their estate planning endeavors.

New Jersey court ruling could keep father out of delivery room

For most parents, childbirth is a wonderful experience that they chose to go through together. The baby's father is sometimes an active participant in the process. He likely supports the mother as she goes through labor and deliver. A recent ruling by a New Jersey judge might keep some fathers out of the delivery room.

Majority of oil magnate's shares in company not marital property

If you follow divorce-related stories in the news (as we do), then you may recall the ongoing divorce proceedings of oil magnate Harold Hamm. There was a question of whether his wife Sue Ann might be entitled to a significant amount of shares in her husband's oil company Continental Resources, in which he has a controlling interest.

Brando and Taylor: 2 very different estate plans

In the past couple of months, we've discussed the estate plans of a number of well-known and disparate figures -- civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., the actor Paul Walker, and the musical spouses Captain and Tennille. From the outset, it may not seem that those individuals have much in common, but the reality is that everyone has an estate plan, even if you don't draft a will.