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April 2014 Archives

Estate planning is more than listing how to distribute assets

When you are creating estate planning documents, you likely want to make sure you have all the bases covered. There are some common mistakes that can botch an otherwise solid estate plan. New Jersey residents should be aware of these mistakes so they can avoid making them when they are preparing their estate planning documents.

Food for thought on including investments in property division

Property division is one of the most complex aspects of developing a divorce settlement, especially for couples with assets other than savings or checking accounts. It's a good idea to examine these types of assets before deciding whether or not to include them in a marital property settlement.

New Jersey tax laws for wills naming Class D beneficiaries

People who take steps to create carefully-worded wills with provisions for their beneficiaries usually don't imagine their loved ones will face any difficulties with their inheritance. Unfortunately, this is not always the case as some beneficiaries find themselves dealing with tax issues after receiving their inheritance. In a piece published on NJ.com's business section, one forward-thinking New Jersey woman posed a question about possible tax hurdles associated with her benefactor's inheritance.

More than value must be considered during property division

A common misconception about divorce is that everything should be split down the middle. In theory, that idea would seem to make property division really easy. In reality, couples who are going through a divorce must realize that not all property is created equally. One example of property that shouldn't be divided down the middle is retirement accounts and investments. Anyone going through a divorce in New Jersey should carefully consider more than just the valuation of these accounts prior to agreeing on how they should be divided.

Power of attorney is one way to manage elderly parents finances

Many Americans are all too familiar with suddenly finding out that they must manage their aging parents' lives in addition to their own. The news rarely seems to come at a good time, often blindsiding adult children with an extra load of responsibility. To make matters worse, the parents themselves are often unprepared and haven't passed along important information like online account passwords and banking information.

New Jersey baby boomers pay the price for poor estate planning

A woman from Mount Holly, New Jersey, had no idea she would one day have to shoulder the responsibility of caring for her aging parents, but that's exactly what she is facing right now. The woman's mother suffers from dementia and breast cancer and her father has bladder cancer that has made him physically fragile. Both of the 55-year-old woman's parents live in the family home and require full-time care.