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Use estate planning to avoid situations like the Casey Kasem saga

Recent events surrounding the ongoing Casey Kasem saga harshly illuminates the possible drama that can occur when a family member ages or becomes infirm. Sources say Jean, Kasem's wife of nearly 30 years, has moved her husband to an undisclosed location even though Kasem's daughter holds a power of attorney designating her as his decision-maker. Kasem is 82-years-old and suffers from Lewy body disease, a common form of dementia in the elderly.

According to a Sarasota estate planning attorney, Kasem's story is a poor example of the benefits that come with estate planning. Despite this, he points out that it's important to plan for the possibility of incapacitation or even death. He says that making a will or creating a power of attorney is still a good way to protect one's assets even though unexpected things like what happened with Casey Kasem can still occur.

Several people who contributed personal estate planning accounts to the news story shared their ideas about planning for the end-of-life or incapacitation. One couple said they sat down with an attorney and spelled their wishes out in detail so that their large, blended family would not have to worry about what to do.

Another man explained how he had a will made naming his wife as beneficiary. He said if he dies, then his wife will split their estate between the couple's two daughter. A woman who contributed her thoughts said that she wants a legal stipulation about keeping their summer home in the family.

While this news report reveals how carefully-made plans can sometimes go awry, hopefully it also shows the importance of making a solid and clear plan for loved ones to follow. People who are interested in their own estate planning can seek advice from a legal firm that can help them create a power of attorney or a legally-binding will.

Source: MySunCoast.com, "Proper estate planning essential to avoiding end of life drama" Todd Dunn, May. 13, 2014

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