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June 2014 Archives

New Jersey legislators consider eliminating lifetime alimony

The subject of lifetime alimony can be controversial. Some people believe that it should be eradicated, while others believe it should remain an option in some cases. Now New Jersey lawmakers are considering ending lifetime alimony in future divorce cases. If a measure an Assembly committee recently advanced becomes a law, the amount and duration of alimony will be dramatically changed.

Choosing wills that favor charities instead of children

Sting, the former frontman of the band, The Police, recently announced he does not plan to leave his fortune to his children upon his death. Instead, he says the family is going to spend the money. The 62-year-old music star went on to explain that he has already earmarked a large portion of his approximate $300 million fortune. As for the rest, he said he did not want an extravagant inheritance to become an "albatrosses round their necks."

Know when to update your New Jersey estate planning documents

By now, everyone who has read this blog knows the importance of having a will. Instead of rehashing the importance of a will, it is time to discuss when you should review or update the will. There are several guidelines that should be followed regarding the updating of your estate planning documents.

Estate Planning: Leave the house to the kids or not?

If you are one of the many American parents planning to leave the family home to your children, you might want to give a little pause. According to one certified financial planner, some siblings have torn themselves apart fighting over the property after the death of the parents. Part of the reason Americans work hard to achieve a home and other assets is so that we have at least some form of legacy to give our children when we die. However, we must also make sure our final gifts are blessings instead of burdens.

Busting 5 common myths about child custody

Child custody is one of the most distressing elements of divorce, often causing pain to both parents and children. In addition to being costly, a custody battle can increase the stress and anxiety of dealing with these important decisions. A recent article featured in Huffington Post's divorce section might lessen this anxiety by busting some of the common myths associated with the child custody process.

End-of-life estate planning may ease your mind

Estate planning is something that most people equate with wills and handing out assets after you pass away. That, however, is a misconception that could actually hurt some people. Part of creating a solid estate plan involves taking care of your end-of-life care wishes.

Should divorcing stay-at-home parents expect an alimony award?

What happens to stay-at-home mothers after a divorce? Can they get alimony? Will it make a difference if both parents previously agreed that the mother should stay at home with the children? According to a writer at Forbes, the answers to questions like these may not be the answer divorcing moms who have sacrificed a career to raise their kids want to hear.