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July 2014 Archives

Sean Kean says his bill is essential in New Jersey alimony reform

For quite some time, New Jersey citizens have been hearing a lot of buzz about reforming our state's alimony laws. Now, in a column published by Asbury Park Press, Sean Kean details the reasons his Assembly Bill 845 is so crucial an element in the state's efforts. The bill, known as A-845, has passed through the state senate and assembly and is currently awaiting Governor Christie's approval.

Power of attorney vs. sharing bank accounts with kids

New Jersey readers, who want to make sure their elder years proceed smoothly, might choose to set up joint accounts with their spouse or children instead of looking for a more solid solution like a power of attorney. These accounts provide a way for kids to pay their parents' bills or medical expenses as well as take care of any day-to-day needs that might arise.

Sailor with legal custody of child in custody battle

Child custody battles are difficult for everyone, but for those who are in the military and deployed, another level of difficulty is added. A servicemember who is deployed is likely overseas and not stateside, which can make it difficult to attend child custody hearings. A recent case involving a man serving on a submarine in the Navy has brought an aspect of child custody while in the military to light that New Jersey readers might find interesting.

Understanding powers of attorney in estate planning

Most people in New Jersey are not aware of how a designated power of attorney works. In cases where a person becomes unable to make certain decisions on his or her own, the power of attorney can be assigned. Generally speaking, there are several types of powers of attorney, and they deal with financial aspects and health directives.

Why celebrities should not choose wills as estate planning tools

When faced with various estate planning options, many New Jersey residents may choose wills. For those without a lot of assets, a will may be sufficient. However, for celebrities with millions of dollars in assets, wills offer no privacy. This is especially true in the case of singer Lou Reed.

Marijuana legislation and the effect on child custody cases

Medical marijuana and legalizing marijuana are hot topics lately around some areas. While people might be considering how marijuana laws might affect the community, some likely haven't considered how it will affect child custody hearings, whether those hearings are for custody after a divorce or custody because of child protection issues. New Jersey residents might be interested in learning about some of the ways marijuana might affect child custody.