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August 2014 Archives

Child custody battles governed by complex New Jersey laws

Having to go through court proceedings about your children is something that is hard for any parent to go through. No matter the status of your relationship with your child's other parent, these proceedings can often put your nerves on edge. In New Jersey, the goal of the court is to protect the interest of the children.

Including pets in your divorce's property division settlement

Pet lovers are likely to be horrified by the prospect of including pets in property division upon divorce, but it's that love that makes it necessary. It seems more and more people can't bear to completely part with the beloved animals who have become part of the family, so that means it's up to the courts to decide who gets the pets in divorce.

3 different powers of attorney for New Jersey residents

When it comes to legal-speak, even the most erudite among us can have trouble making sense of it all. For example, when people hear the term "power of attorney," nearly all of them think there is only one, but the truth of it is, powers of attorney can cover a variety of needs. Most of us are ordinary, hard-working citizens without a great need for the complicated legal documents the rich and/or famous must sort through, but we may still need more than a single power of attorney.

Sherri Shepherd juggles child custody battles

When couples are experiencing infertility, they will sometimes want a child so badly that they turn to surrogacy to have that child. In most cases, the children born through surrogates grow up in a very loving home; however, there are some cases in which that doesn't really happen. The recent birth of Sherri Shepherd's child has some events surrounding it that New Jersey residents might find interesting.

Celebrity decisions help reveal myths about legal trusts

What do musician Sting and actor Philip Seymour Hoffman have in common? They both never wanted their children to become trust fund kids. As such, neither of them tackled what many view as a crucial portion of effective estate planning. It's too late for Hoffman, who tragically died in February of this year, but Sting still has a chance to remedy what could be a mistake.

Woman wins the right to seek visitation or custody of stepchild

In what looks like a positive step for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender parental community, a New Jersey appellate court granted a lesbian woman the right to seek visitation with a child she helped raise based on the psychological parent doctrine. The ruling came down on Wednesday, Aug. 6 and included language that makes it plain the court was looking out for the child. Specifically, the court found that the lesbian stepmother could seek visitation or even custody if maintaining a strong relationship was in the best interest of the child.

Having a will is better than dying intestate in New Jersey

The importance of a will is something that we have covered on this blog. For the people who haven't made a will and for those who know their family members don't have a will, wondering what will happen to the estate if the person dies might be a concern. In New Jersey, there are statutes that determine how the estate is divided.