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September 2014 Archives

Parenting plans must consider a child's age

Divorce is difficult for most adults. For children, though, the emotions can range from anger to grief to relief. The last is especially true if the parents had been constantly arguing or if there were issues of domestic violence. In most households, though, the news of divorce is devastating.

Governor Christie signs new alimony rules effect for New Jersey

People who are filing for divorce in New Jersey might like to know about some changes that have been made to the alimony laws. Governor Chris Christie has recently signed new alimony laws into effect. These are the first changes to this law in almost a decade.

Estate administration and probate: What's it all about?

The legal jargon usually comes at the worst possible time -- when a loved one has recently passed away. You try to remain focused, wanting to appear as knowledgeable as possible through all the legal proceedings, but let's face it…you probably have no idea what estate administration or probate really is.

Which legal documents are necessary for good estate planning?

For many, estate planning sounds complicated. While it can be complex for those who have a lot of assets and wealth, the core of estate planning is a simple concept of planning for your future. This not only ensures your wishes are fulfilled as you grow older, it eases the way for family and friends who want to carry out these wishes.

Don't put off making your estate plan or will

Planning for your family is something that many people do without thinking. Working and supporting them is often a top priority. But, have you made plans to take care of them if something happens to you? For some, that answer is something along the lines of "not yet" or "I will later." Sadly for some, the day comes when they are taken from the Earth, and there isn't a plan in place for their family members.

Tackling property division in a New Jersey divorce

Couples who are contemplating divorce often feel overwhelmed by all the decisions they must make during the process. Understandably, their main concerns typically concern child custody or child support, but that doesn't make the other decisions any less important. One of these decisions is what to do about the marital property the two spouses share.

What are the essentials for planning a will in New Jersey?

In most cases, estate planning by way of wills is essentially the same from state-to-state, with only minor differences here and there. For instance, oral wills are not valid in the state of New Jersey as they are in some other states. Another way New Jersey law differs a bit is by allowing a handwritten will as long as the person making the will, also known as the testator, writes the document.