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October 2014 Archives

Estate planning basics for older Americans

All the talk about estate planning, advance directives and wills or trusts seems to make it harder for some older Americans to plan properly. For many, there is simply too much information to sort through on the road to planning for the golden years. Sometimes, it's helpful to weed out the extraneous and focus only on what you need to accomplish on an individual basis. Those who can achieve this basic goal often have a better chance of seeing the pieces for their ideal estate plan fall neatly into place.

Fighting the fear that comes with a child custody battle

Just about everything to do with divorce can cause anxiety, but an imminent child custody battle is one of divorce's most frightening aspects. In nearly all cases, both parents want frequent access to the children and both parents are concerned about the health and well-being of their kids following divorce.

Fighting for unmarried parents' child custody rights

When you have a child with someone who isn't your spouse, things can sometimes happen that might require you to seek custody of the child, visitation with the child or child support regarding the child. It is important for all unmarried parents in New Jersey to understand their rights when it comes to being a part of their child's life.

How can I apply for guardianship of a person in New Jersey?

New Jersey law contains a great deal of legal language about appointing a guardianship in our state, much of which sounds to the layman like elements of litigation. The first thing to understand is that the rules are worded the way they are to help the courts decide the matter as efficiently as possible and to make sure the person actually needs a guardian. With that said, here are some basic initial steps to take if you are interested in assuming guardianship over a loved one.

What advance directives do I need in New Jersey as I age?

More people than ever have started to realize that creating advance directives as they age is an important task. This is true in New Jersey as well as the other 49 states. The problem is that with so many legal options, many aging Americans are often at a loss for how to get started with this type of planning. While it is not as complicated as it may seem, you might consider the following points related to creating the proper advance directives.

Teresa and Joe Giudice: An interesting child custody issue

Once a parent, always a parent is a saying that holds true for many parents who are going through a legal battle. In the case of a parent who is looking at time in prison, determining who is going to care for the children is something that has to be considered. When both of a child's parents are facing time in prison, the difficulty increases.

The differences between durable and simple powers of attorney

A power of attorney can fulfill many roles in estate-planning and end-of-life care. While this is often not a fact that many New Jersey residents want to consider, everyone will pass on at some point. There are some differences between a simple power of attorney and a durable power of attorney, which are explained below.