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January 2015 Archives

Property division becomes more complex with more assets

In our last blog post, we discussed how Stephen Collins was going to have a deposition about his finances. For anyone who is going through a high-asset or complex divorce, financial information is very important. It is vital that this information is conveyed honestly and accurately since it has such a big impact on the divorce.

Stephen Collins to give deposition about state of his finances

A judge has ruled that Stephen Collins, a former actor on the hit television show "7th Heaven," will be forced to give sworn testimony in a deposition about the state of his finances. The ruling came as Collins and his estranged wife prepare to go to court in February to end the couple's almost thirty years of marriage.

Utilizing trusts to distribute property

Are you worried that your children and grandchildren may not do exactly what you want them to do with your money after you leave it to them? Perhaps you hope they will use everything that you have saved responsibly -- to pay for college, for example, or to pay off the house -- but you're nervous that they'll decide just to have fun with the money and waste what you have worked so hard for over the years.

Your will, living will and trusts are best handled now

In one of our posts last week, we discussed the role of an executor in an estate. The role of an executor is an important one, but even the best executor can't do what needs to be done unless the estate plan is solid. We know how difficult it is to think about your final arrangements and how to distribute property when you are gone. We know that it is hard to think about how you want your medical care handled in your final days. That difficulty now, however, can help to spare your loved ones the difficulty of making those decisions later.

What are the duties of an executor?

The primary job of an executor is to oversee the disposition of a person's last will and testament. The executor not only has the responsibility of working to ensure that a person's last wishes are fulfilled in regards to how the person wanted their possessions and property distributed, but the executor also has the duty of dealing with creditors and making certain that all debts are paid off.

Child custody is a focus in Chris Rock's divorce

At first, it appeared that Chris Rock's divorce was not going to be much of a mess, as the couple appeared to be on similar ground regarding what they wanted, but new details show that that may not actually be the case. Specifically, Rock said that his wife had not allowed him to see his daughters as much as he wanted to see them. This could indicate that child custody will play a huge role in the proceedings.

A few facts to consider during the estate planning process

Our readers have often read posts about how important it is for everyone to have a will and other estate planning documents before they pass away. These documents and plans can help to make things easier on the family members who are left behind. There are some very specific points that our New Jersey readers might find interesting about creating a will.