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Ex-husband asks for $400,000 a month in spousal support

Money is one of the common sticking points in a divorce. It's no surprise that the more money that's at stake, the more bitter the dispute can become. The state of New Jersey has provisions for spousal support and alimony, but whether or not it is awarded depends on several factors and the ultimate decision of the court. One high-asset divorce still in court has the possibility of ending with one spouse receiving $400,000 in spousal support a month.

Heir to the Walmart fortune, Paige Laurie, started divorce proceedings against her husband Patrick Dubbert in March of last year, but the divorce has not yet been finalized. The couple was married for six years, and the husband believes he is entitled to retain the lifestyle he has grown accustomed to while married to the granddaughter of the Walmart co-founder.

The $400,000 a month includes money for the husband's rental house, furniture and personal trainer, but it also includes a $5,000 monthly clothing allowance, $1,000 for a personal stylist and $80,000 a month for entertainment. Additional expenses included in the total are a personal chef, vacations, a personal driver and $2,500 a month for charitable contributions. While this may seem like a large amount for a six-year marriage, the couple reportedly have a prenup that specifies that the husband is to receive spousal support, although whether an amount was set is unknown.

When a court makes a decision on alimony or spousal support, it is likely to factor in the earning potential of both spouses, their previous lifestyle, what the prenup specifies and each person's financial status. While it may not be awarded in every case, it is a valid option for many that is worth pursuing.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Walmart Heiress' Ex Wants A Whopping $400,000 A Month, Including Money For Charitable Donations" Leigh Weingus, Feb. 04, 2015

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