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Child Support Archives

Some spouses will do everything they can to extend court time

If one woman's story is any sort of precedent for other divorce cases, it is likely that couples in Jersey City, New Jersey, have found themselves fighting over child support. According to her, women might get custody but they often get the short end of the stick when it comes to child support and alimony awards. This tends to leave men with a better financial outlook but less custody or visitation time.

Father who was supposedly dead after divorce found alive

There are divorce and child support horror stories. Many people have heard them but, thankfully, few experience them. Still, they do occur and they can happen to any number of individuals living in Jersey City, New Jersey. Compared to some divorce stories, these nightmares sound over-the-top and occasionally unbelievable, but the lengths to which some individuals go to avoid making payments on requirements such as child support may no longer be very surprising after hearing one woman's story.

Millions of dollars in unpaid child support owed in New Jersey

When married couples go their separate ways, there are several issues that must be examined and addressed. Property is divided and spousal support may be awarded. Child custody is determined and this is often followed by an amount that must be paid by the noncustodial parent in child support. According to the Department of Human Services in New Jersey, this figure is determined after examining the incomes of both parents and the expenses that the child generates.

Man sued for child support after donating sperm

A recent story regarding child support and the law may interest New Jersey readers. The story comes out of Kansas and involves a man who donated his sperm to a lesbian couple. Although the man and couple signed an agreement that he would not have any obligations to the child, the agreement was found to be legally flawed. Now the state of Kansas says the sperm donor has to pay child support.

Celebrity child support woes

When a celebrity has legal problems, millions of people hear about it. Dennis Rodman's recent stint in court is a prime example of just such a thing. According to reports, he and his ex-wife have been arguing about child support for some time. She alleged that he owed $850,000 to her in back child support.

Man in court for traffic stop arrested for unpaid support

Many New Jersey parents have gone their separate ways, leaving their children caught in the middle, hanging in the balance. Custody may be awarded to one or the other-or perhaps both-and child support will likely be required if one parent does not make an amount that would allow them to support themselves and the children. But not all divorces go well and, in some cases, this may cause a parent to stop paying support. In other cases, economic hardship may be the reason that a parent can no longer pay child support.

Arrests net more than a dozen parents who owe support

Many custodial parents in New Jersey find themselves stressed and struggling because the noncustodial parent has failed to obey court orders. Disobeyed court orders that cause the most damage in regards to separated parents are often related to child support, an amount of money that may be necessary for the custodial parents to provide a stable life for the children.

Woman that sent boy back to Russia is sued for child support

International custody battles can be very contentious. In many cases, a spouse or parent moves with the child against the wishes of the other parent -- or without his or her knowledge -- disappearing into another country. The legal issues that often arise surrounding such a situation are many, but what happens when a parent adopts a child from another country and then changes their mind on the adoption and sends them back to their country of origin alone? That is the question that a recent family court case had to answer.